End of Year Scheduled Events 2021

April 27-SLO Final conferences during planning
April 28-Zoom Faculty Meeting at 3:00
May 3-6 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6-Teacher Appreciation Lunch provided by PTO
May 10-Contracts are due to Million
May 11-Resource Officer Appreciation
             SC Ready ELA
May 12-Cafe Appreciation
             Nurse Appreciation
             SC Ready ELA
May 13-Custodial Appreciation
             Make Up Testing
May 14-Make Up Testing
May 18-SC Ready Math            
May 19-SC Pass Science 4th Grade
               5K Programs-Cherry, 8:30; Plexico, 10:00
May 20 -5K Programs-Stephens, 8:30; Wyatt, 10:00
May 21-5th Grade Fun Day
May 24- 1st through 4th Grades Honors Days Virtual
May 25-Senior Walk, 9:00 AM
May 26-5th Grade Programs-Brown, 8:30; McClure, 10:00; Nelson, 11:30; Perez, 1:00
             Report Cards go home with STAR Reports
May 27 Half Day-11:00 Dismissal
             End of the Year Retiree Luncheon
May 28 Half Day-11:00 Dismissal